Hi, I'm Sam.

But I guess you already knew that because I said it on the home page.

Have you ever had to write about yourself? It kind of sucks. I'd rather write something awesome about literally anything else. I'm not good at talking about myself either—and I'm a talker!

The short of it.

Currently based in Peoria, IL

I'm a Senior UI/UX Designer

I like design better than research

I went to school to be a teacher

I like doing this better

Uhhh... I guess that's all

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The long of it.

I've been creative since I was born. When I was a teenager I expressed that creativity by doing graffiti and painting on trains and bridges. It was awesome! Then I got caught and arrested by the police. Very not awesome. But I guess it makes for a good story or I wouldn't be telling you this.

Anyway, I get my day in court and the judge says "you damaged government property. The city owns that bridge and you've wrecked it. That's a class-X felony, son." Hooooly shit. I started sweating, and then the judge said something that changed my life: you have talent.

I was given a choice. I could continue painting bridges and trains and expressing myself illegally. Or I could find a better outlet to channel my creativity. If I choose door number one, I could go to jail. If I choose door number two, I stay out of jail with a promise to never vandalize anything ever again. I chose door two.

I began teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator and got a job as a designer. I learned HTML and CSS and started making websites. I started combining those things into a really good job where I was able to express myself and have fun and still do creative things. And, best of all, I'm getting paid to do it and not sitting in jail. It's win-win.

Now I have a wife and kids, and they're my favorite part of life. I have a career that I love with people who constantly amaze me. And now I have you! My new friend. Welcome to my life.