About Me

I'm just a regular guy. But there's more to my story.


I'm a busy guy, and there's a lot to see. Check it.


This just sends an email. Nothing cool happens.

Dude, this is hard.

Have you ever had to write about yourself? It sucks. I'd rather write something awesome about literally anything else. I'm not very good at talking about myself, and I'm a talker. This is embarrassing. I'll just list it out for you, okay?

  • Currently based on Peoria, IL USA
  • I used to do graphic design and web design
  • I quit to become a teacher
  • Teaching made me poor
  • I now design websites again
  • I have a wife and kids
  • We like to travel and ride bikes

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The short of it

About 15 years

Bradley University
Bachelors of Secondary Education - Social Studies*

Family, being outside, going away, posting politically charged rants on Facebook, eating cookies

*Yes, I'm aware that I paid to go to a private university for a degree I'm not using—it's fine, mom.

The long of it.

I've been in the design field since 2002. I started in illustration, then moved into branding, and then moved to web design in 2005. It was awesome. It was fun and creative, and opportunities were plentiful, and work was steady. Then 2009 hit and everything stopped.

That's when I went back to college to get a teaching degree, which is something I've always wanted to do. I was unemployed, the market was terrible, so why not? I took the plunge, and I gained an immense amount of experience along the way. I was teaching, which was a lot of work, and packed my day full. But it paid terribly—something I knew, but grossly underestimated. I found I was still freelancing to make ends meet, and it didn't leave a lot of time for family. So I gave it up. My family matters most, and I had to put them first. I entered the life of full-time design once again.

That's how I got here. Talking to you, and sharing this story. I'm just a regular human person. I hope we can work together soon.