Some Case Studies.

I've been designing websites and user interfaces since 2008, but all of these are far more recent. This is a handful of the countless websites and mobile applications I've designed over the year. My focus is on mobile-first design, responsive design, and interactive front-end solutions. My mission is to use design to create helpful, intuitive solutions, that are also elegant and emotive. A design should emphasize your brand while solving problems for your users.

Real websites to look at.

I didn't make case studies for these. But the same process applies on a somewhat smaller scale. A lot of these started with sketches dreamed up during our initial conversation. I developed wireframes, mock-ups, modified, refined, and then fully built the final product for real-world eyeballs to visit them.

Other stuff I've designed.

Some of these projects were inspired from previous work, and others were just fun designs I wanted to create. I don't have case studies for the designs below, but I do have stories behind all of them. I'd love to tell you that story sometime. For now, enjoy the show. Follow my Instagram or my dribbble if you want to see more, including pictures of my family and stuff if you're into that sort of thing.