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A Bit of Work

I've done a lot of work for a lot of clients. Some of them were kind of boring, so I didn't share those. I'm tring to look super cool here. So these are some of my favorites, for myriad reasons. No long rants about how creative I was, just some pictures and links.

SoHo Boutiques

This adorable boutique is run by the amazing Stephanie Horne. After helping her with email marketing projects, it was time she had a new site. So I made one. And it was awesome. Look at it.

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Meraki Restaurant

This site was challenging, but fun. I took a two-second sketch that the owner had done, and turned it into this beauty. We did a lot of fun and unconventional things, and it was worth it. So is the food.

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Full disclosure: I don't do yoga. I feel weird even being there. But I DO build yoga websites. We designed this site multiple times. Making one, coming up with new ideas, and making another iteration. We finally stopped with this one.

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Original Jacaranda

Two sites? Yeah. Two. This is the old one, which scrolled horizontally, and was super cool, and I really liked it. That's why I'm still showing it to you. It's not for everyone, but whatever. No one asked you.

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Peoria Limousine

I've done a lot of work for these guys. They had a WordPress site, which was big an unnecessary. So we built a small site, that loads fast. And you can even order a limo right from your phone. Cool, eh?

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River City Labs

I made this site and I thought it was legit. This isn't the link to the real site, because I don't have control over it and what if they make changes to it that I hate, and you think I did that? Gross.

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Midwest Maker Fest

It looks like the RCL site because it's their event. It's not because I'm lazy, I promise. I kept the same look and feel, but also kind of made it its own thing.

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Jordan Dechambre

Yes! Jordan is one of my best friends, and one of the hardest workers I know. Her site wasn't functioning like she wanted, so we made this one. Fashion blog extraordinaire. Go follow her, buy clothes from her, and be a better you.

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Scottfree Salon

We get our hair cuts here, even though it's four hours away. By we, I mean my wife. I don't have hair. Who am I kidding?! I'm balder than my kids were when they were born. But I still feel cool going here.

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Push Fitness

Push is a cool place, run by cool people. So I made them a cool site. They've since combined with another gym, and created a new company altogether, but I'm still proud of this site and wanted to show it off.

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Sugar Bakeshop

Freaking adorable bakery. And everyone that works here is amazing. And the food is so good, I gained weight in the one week I was in Denver working through this project. If you're in Denver, you don't want to miss this place.

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Some Other Work

These aren't real designs. You can find these on my Insta, or my Dribbble. Sometimes when I'm working on a project, and I hit a creative block, I just make a fake site. I take something I enjoy, and make a website layout out of it. Sometimes I participate in UI challenges. I like these, and wanted to put them out there. Follow my Instagram if you want to see more, including pictures of my family and stuff.